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Information about Nasonex.

Before using this medicationtell your doctor or pharmacist your medical historyespecially ofeye problemssuch as glaucomacataractsinfectionsincluding tuberculosisherpes eye infectionrecent nose problemssuch as injuryulcerssurgery

It is recommended that the height of children receiving prolonged treatment with nasal corticosteroids is regularly monitoredIf growth is slowedtherapy should be reviewed with the aim of reducing the dose of nasal corticosteroid if possibleto the lowest dose at which effective control of symptoms is maintainedIn additionconsideration should be given to referring the patient to a paediatric specialist.

Generic Namemometasone nasalmoe MET a soneBrand NamesNasonexPropelSinuva.

Treatment with higher than recommended doses may result in clinically significant adrenal suppressionIf there is evidence for higher than recommended doses being usedthen additional systemic corticosteroid cover should be considered during periods of stress or elective surgery.

Shake the nasal spray well just before each useBefore your first useprime the nasal spray pump by spraying the medicine into the air until a fine mist appearsIf the nasal spray has not been used for longer than 1 weekprime it by spraying the medicine into the air until a fine mist appears.

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both flonase and nasonex can treat nasal symptoms of allergic rhinitis, but flonase can treat nasal symptoms of nonallergic rhinitis as well.

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