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Postmakting pots : Acut systmic allgic actions, anaphylaxis/anaphylactic actions, angiodma

Duing pgnancy, this mdication should b usd only whn claly ndd. Discuss th isks and bnits with you docto.

“I hav taking Aciphx about a ya now and I can not liv without it, ogot it on vacation and paid th pic. Will not mak that mistak again. I lik many oths hav tid vaious psciption as wll as ov th count mdicins but nothing woks as wll as Aciphx.”

I hav Cohn’s disas and with it cam som modat tsv lux. My gastointologist gav m sval dint “PPI’s” tty. Whn thy all aild h gav m som sampls Aciphx and I havn’t had lux sinc. LOV this littl pill. My insuanc consids it an “Out-o-ntwok” mdication and my co-pay is about $70 whn I hav tus my insuanc, I a lucky nough thav a PCP with a in oic phamacy and as long as on th docto’s th wits th x I only hav tpay $15 (dastic pic dinc. My gula phamacy has told m that with out insuanc that a 30 day supply is aound $130. I don’t actually know what th ull tail pic is.

Us abpazol tating gastosophagal lux disas () is not commndd in childn young than 1 ya. Appopiat studis hav not bn pomd on th lationship ag tth cts abpazol tating ulcs associatd with inctions, duodnal ulcs, Zolling-llison syndom in th pdiatic population. Saty and icacy hav not bn stablishd.

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