Augmentin antibiotic price

Giving the augmentin is believed to synergize with members of the past with stoddard on the age group take 30 milligrams per 2.

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Th indications (th disass th mdicin can b usd ttat) th tablts and oal suspnsions dpnd on th atith activ substancs and hav bn hamonisd tinclud: acut bactial sinusitis (adquatly diagnosd), acut otitis mdia, low spiatoy tact inctions (such as acut xacbations chonic bonchitis and community acquid pnumonia), cystitis, pylonphitis, and skin and sot tissu inctions in paticula cllulits, animal bits, sv dntal abscss with spading cllulitis, and bon and joint inctions.

You should sk mdical advic in lation tmdicins and us only as dictd by a halthca possional.

Augmntin Duot is indicatd th shot tm tatmnt bactial inctions at th ollowing sits whn causd by snsitiv oganisms ( tMicobiology) *Uinay tact inctions (uncomplicatd and complicatd); *Low spiatoy tact inctions, including community acquid pnumonia and acut xacbations chonic bonchitis; *Upp spiatoy tact inctions, such as sinusitis, otitis mdia and cunt tonsillitis; *Skin and skin stuctu inction Appopiat cultu and suscptibility studis should b pomd tidntiy th causativ oganism(s) and dtmin its (thi) suscptibility tAugmntin Duot. Howv whn th is ason tbliv an inction may involv any th bta-lactamas poducing oganisms listd in th poduct inomation, thapy may b institutd pitobtaining th sults bactiological and suscptibility studis. Onc th sults a known, thapy should b adjustd should b adjustd i appopiat. Th tatmnt mixd inctions causd by amoxycillin suscptibl oganisms and bta-lactamas poducing oganisms suscptibl tAugmntin Duot should not qui th addition anoth antibiotic du tth amoxycillin contnt Augmntin Duot.

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Augmentin antibiotic price

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